Please review the information below, so you can ask any questions during orientation.

Marketplace Insurance Notice

HealthFirst offers all full-time employees health insurance options, however you have the right to research individual plans on the marketplace. The following notice contains information for your research.

Marketplace Insurance Options


Employees that enroll in our group health or dental plan have COBRA continuation rights, which are outlined in the following documents. This information explains COBRA continuation coverage, when it may become available to you and/or your family, and what you need to do to protect the right to receive it.

General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights

Notice from a Covered Employee or Qualified Beneficiary of a Qualifying Event

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

HealthFirst is a covered employer under FMLA. The following information explains FMLA, who is eligible to receive FMLA, and what instances qualify as FMLA.

Fact Sheet #28: The Family and Medical Leave Act