HF – EB – Disability Insurance

HealthFirst offers disability insurance through Companion Life.


Please review the information below to determine if you want to enroll.


**Please note:  The initial enrollment period is the only time an employee will not be subjected to a health history check (and potentially turned down) for Companion Life Disability Insurance.


Disability Premium Rates


Employees pay all premiums for dental insurance and any dependents added to the plan.

Disability premiums vary based on hourly rate and age, so you will need to use the Companion Disability Rates sheet and instructions below to calculate your individual premium.

  • To Determine Benefit Level:

(Hourly Rate) x 36 (average number of hours per week) =  Weekly Rate

(Weekly Rate) x 52 (weeks in a year) =  Annual Salary

Use your Annual Salary to find your Benefit Level in the chart on the Disability application.

  • To Determine Premium:

(Weekly Benefit Dollar Amount) ÷ 10= Weekly Benefit Rate

(Weekly Benefit Rate) x Rate Basis (found on Disability Rates Sheet- determined by age & sex)= Premium (Amount Due each month)

Disability Insurance Application {downloadable form}

Disability Rates Sheet {downloadable form}