NH – EB – Health Insurance

HealthFirst offers health insurance coverage through BlueChoice, and employees have the option of the following plans:

  1. BlueChoice Advantage Plus- Standard Plan
  2. BlueChoice Advantage Plus- Enhanced Plan

Please review the information below to determine the best option for you and/or your family.  Once you have made your decision, please print off the BlueChoice Application below to complete and bring to orientation.


BlueChoice Monthly Rates (2017-2018)

HealthFirst pays 80% of single coverage premiums for standard health insurance. (The final dollar amount applied to the standard health insurance may also be applied to the enhanced health insurance premiums.)  Employees are responsible for the remaining percentage of single coverage premiums and all premiums for any dependents added to the plan.  Health insurance premiums are pre-tax.

Rates are subject to change during Open Enrollment period. If any changes are made, employees will receive notice ahead of time.

**Note: There is no primary care co-pay included in the Standard Plan. All costs associated with these visits will be paid out-of-pocket and go towards  the deductible. Please review the plan documents for additional information on deductibles and preventative care benefits.

Standard Plan
  Total Cost Employee Portion (Premium)
Employee Only $400.75 $80.15
Employee/Spouse $982.00 $661.40
Employee/Child(ren) $826.75 $506.15
Employee/Family $1176.00 $855.40
Enhanced Plan
  Total Cost Employee Portion (Premium)
Employee Only $477.75 $157.15
Employee/Spouse $1170.50 $849.90
Employee/Child(ren) $985.50 $664.90
Employee/Family $1401.75 $1081.15


In-Network Deductible & “Out-of-Pocket” Maximum
  Standard Enhanced
Deductible (Single) $3,500.00 $1,000.00
Deductible (Family) $7,000.00 $2,000.00
“Out-of-Pocket” Max (Single) $6,850.00** $5,000.00**
“Out-of-Pocket” Max (Family) $13,700.00** $10,000.00**


** Includes Deductible, Co-Pays, & Prescriptions


Please click on the links below to review plan documents. If you choose to enroll in one of our plans, complete the BlueChoice Application and bring it with you to orientation.

BlueChoice Application {downloadable form}


BlueChoice – Standard Plan Schedule of Benefits 12. HealthFirst Rapid Care Standard Plan 2016-2017

BlueChoice – Enhanced Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage 14. HealthFirst Rapid Care Enhanced Plan 2016-2017


BlueChoice Advantage Plus- Tiered Prescription Drug List (PDL) {downloadable form}

BlueChoice FOCUSfwd WIP Info {downloadable form}