Prescription Drug Abuse & Whitney Houston

By Health First on February 13, 2012 in Addiction, Celebrity Health News, Prescription Drug Abuse

Whitney Houston was pronounced dead on February 11, 2012, and the cause was reportedly a combination of drugs and alcohol.  Whitney Houston supposedly suffered from addiction to prescription medications.  What can we learn from Whitney Houston, and the many other individuals who have been affected by their addictions to prescription drugs?

Why do doctors prescribe addicting medications in a way that can cause or promote addiction?

Even in normal doses, narcotics can cause some level of dependency.  In order to resolve the patient’s pain complaints, doctors will prescribe the necessary medications for relief.  If a patient reports poor relief of pain at a lower or less addictive dose, then the doctor usually feels morally obligated to increase the strength of the treatment.  The practice of “under treating pain” is a moral issue, and a major concern for empathetic doctors.

Why don’t doctors use non- addictive medications in patients with drug addiction concerns?

  • We do offer non-addictive medications to patients, in the vast majority of cases
  • Addicts will usually complain that these medications have failed them, and they request stronger regiments resulting in higher dependencies
  • Almost all potent medications for pain and anxiety have addictive properties
  • Every time a potent, non-addicting drug alternative is FDA approved, doctors start prescribing it heavily
    • If you want to be a millionaire, invent a non-addictive, potent medication that replaces an addictive one!!! It will sell millions.

How do addicts get prescription drugs from doctors so easily?

In short, doctors want to relieve pain and suffering, and doctors also want to address a patient’s complaints.  The fact is that addicts do experience real pain, real illnesses, and real injuries.  The prescriptions are written to alleviate or solve these medical issues.  We have a few reliable ways to prove an addict is lying about their symptoms, but faking is hard to detect.  Many addicts truly have chronic medical conditions that require narcotics, which have led to their addiction.  Doctors who misunderstand confidentiality laws are reluctant to report a suspicion about a patient (that cannot be proven) to one another or law enforcement.  In addition, local law enforcement can rarely intervene in the case of a patient obtaining narcotics under false pretenses.

As a parent, what should I know about prescription drug abuse?

As a parent, you need to realize that drugs in the form of Methamphetamine (Meth), Cocaine, and many others are VERY or HYPER addictive on the FIRST dose.  There is no dose related hurdle you must overcome.  When it comes to these drug forms, the first hit can produce insatiable cravings that are hard to dispel.    As a parent, you need to try to prevent the problem from the start:

  • The most common “catalyst” in drug use is WHO your child is spending time with
  • You must resolve your child’s interest in the drug before they have a chance to experiment for themselves
  • Your child MUST be taught that their first hit or trial of Meth (and other drugs) may ruin their life due to immediate addiction
    • You can go to any AA or NA meeting and confirm these facts with real life local stories. Heartbreaking reality and education.

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