Sinusitis is no day at the beach.

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Want to avoid sinusitis, which is an annoying and sometimes painful inflammation of the sinuses? Then don’t let your allergies or stuffed nose linger. If stuffiness lasts more than 7 days, come see us for a quick check. We can do a simple, safe sinus X-ray to check for sinusitis. Just so you know, a sinus X-ray delivers 20 mrem of radiation and living in Colorado delivers about 90 mrem a year. Health First has a wide variety of Sinusitis treatment options. We’ll get you in, out and better in no time.

Facts about sinusitis:
–  Our Mt. Pleasant office sees more sinusitis cases because Mt. Pleasant folks tend to tough it out a bit too long  before coming in for help. Let’s get it together Mt. P.
–  Sinusitis is a famous source of bacterial meningitis
–  Sinusitis often feels exactly like bad allergies
–  Steroid shots can bring significant relief while waiting for antihistamines kick in
–  Every year, Health First sees a few cases of severe, stubborn, neglected sinusitis requiring surgical intervention and lavage

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