Sniff. Ah-choo. Allergy season is here.

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We probably don’t have to tell you that allergies in Charleston are bad right now. We’re seeing many people coming in for allergy relief and allergy testing. If you have allergies, or think you have allergies, the facts below may help. Don’t be shy about coming if you think you have allergies or your current meds aren’t doing the trick for you. HealthFirst offers a wide panel of allergy testing and allergy treatment options. And we’re pretty darn nice, too.

Helpful tips for allergy sufferers:

-Prepare yourself by taking an antihistamine 1 hour before going outside
-Keep an eye on the weather – allergies are worse on windy days and during changes in weather patterns
-Take action now – neglected allergies can lead to sinusitis
-Consider buying an air purifier (with large filters) or special pillow cases to help with allergies inside the home
-Pets often bring pollen inside and right to your nose (but they’re worth it)
-Over-the-counter Zyrtec (or Allegra D, if no high blood pressure) can be a “great allergy test” – if it helps, there is almost certainly some allergic component
-Ask us about controlling allergies with sprays and drops instead of pills

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