Visiting the Doctor in Charleston, SC & How to Make it Count

By Health First on January 23, 2012 in Doctor's Visit

As our patient, we want you to know that you are extremely important to each one of us, and we want you to maximize your HealthFirst experience.  We value all of our relationships and want the best for each of our patients.  However, we also know that visiting the doctor can be overwhelming.  It should not be that way.  At HealthFirst, we want your experience to be helpful, enlightening, and peaceful.  You can take certain steps to make your next visit more productive and peaceful.   Here are 5 ways to make sure you get the most out of your next visit:

Be Transparent

When you visit the doctor you need to be as clear and open as possible about your health concerns.   No question is a dumb question, and your concerns are never “too silly” to address.  We don’t want you to worry, so remember that any amount of worrying or fear is never too much for us to address.

Your fears and worries are more important to us than you can imagine. Solving your medical problem is only half the battle, as we want you to feel empowered when it comes to your health.  We also want to address your “worst fear” so that it no longer plagues your conscience or health.    When you visit, try to be as clear as possible about how you feel, and be sure to do the following:

  • Tell us your symptoms
  • Tell us your suspicions – What do you think is bothering you?  If you  think it’s a bladder infection, then say so.  We want to address your suspicions, and then clarify and diagnose your true condition.
  • Tell us your worst fears – If you have in the back of your mind that your symptoms could be linked to something very serious, then we want to know those concerns or fears.  We want to make sure we address them, so you don’t continue to worry.
  • Tell us what works for you – If you have certain drugs, prescriptions, or therapies that work or don’t work, then you should be vocal about them.  Tell us what has worked in the past.  If “Bactrim doesn’t work, and your previous doctor always used Cipro,” then we want to know those details as it helps us provide you with better service.
  • Tell Us Everything – Talk About all of your concerns on your visit.  When you visit us, don’t leave any rock unturned.  Make sure you make known all of your considerations.  Be thorough and thoughtful about your thoughts and feeling regarding your health and condition.

Be Vocal about Your Financial Concerns

We have multiple ways to help you save money and get affordable treatment.   There are multiple ways to solve a problem and move in the right direction, and we want to explain all of the financial options available to you as a patient.  Remember to ask and be vocal during your next visit.

Don’t Be Afraid

Fear is often damaging to you and your family. Let us be on your side.  We want to be your advocate, “like a friend on the inside” when it comes to medicine.  Tell us your concerns, tell us what you’ve been thinking about and what you’ve found online (because we know you’ve checked), and then let us partner with you to get to the truth.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

On your next visit to the doctor, try not to jump ahead and become frightened in regards to your condition.   We are here to help, diagnose, and treat your health concern or condition.   There is no reason to get too excited and fearful.   We do not believe in perpetuating fear.

Bring in Your Medications or “Have a Brown Bag Visit”

When you visit us, make sure to bring in your medications and/or prescription information.  If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your medications and treatment, then you should make sure to bring all your medicines to the office, especially those you believe didn’t work.  By doing so, you will help us choose what medication families are best for you.

Try having a “Brown Bag Visit,” meaning bring in all of your medicines (prescribed, over the counter, and herbal) to your next visit.  We can look for duplicates, cheaper alternatives, and combinations. We can try to reduce, simplify, and remove waste. If you don’t know what you are taking,  you run a greater chance of treatment failure.  Also, remember to write down your medications on a card and keep it permanently on you, either in a wallet or purse.  This card is also a great resource in case of an emergency visit.

This is just a brief guide to make your next visit more productive.  If you are in the Charleston area, and you have a medical concern that you have been waiting to address, do not hesitate to come by HealthFirst.  We want the absolute best for our community, and we fundamentally believe in bringing peace to your medical experience.